Done a beginner-level ML course? Ready to step up and learn deep learning? Like writing lots of code? This course is for you.
Become an author of your reality by stacking your talents, affirming yourself, sparking curiosity, injecting novelty, painting contrast and keeping it …
What do you have without your health? Five questions to ask yourself everyday. The optionality of life. Using time and boredom to guide your decisions.
Principles for learning how to use math, code and data to seduce Mother Nature into revealing her secrets.
The creators motto, speed as fertiliser, crackhead energy, washing machine creations and making yourself immune to embarrassment.
A year is now officially 6-months. Luckmaxing. You were born to adapt. The "It is done" mindset. And the power of the follow-up.
The best bang for your buck, a challenge (not many can do), taking flight on demand and finding balance at the extremes.
I've done some courses... what do I do next? Hint: touch the stove.
Like money, crises don't create trends, they accelerate what's already there. Good thing is, we've already got the cure.
Once things go back to normal, what's not going to change? Hint: health and learning.
I gave $5000 to my Mum, getting back to nature and a question I'm wrestling with.
1 month post launch: 8,021 students, 127 countries, 712,000+ minutes watched, 42.5 hours of video and 1 very hot recording studio.